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Dirk Bellens


Dirk has a Master degree in Environmental science (Utrecht University, the Netherlands). Dirk started working in Namibia from 2001. First as project coordinator on solid waste management and later as volunteer capacity builder on a HIV/AIDS coordinating job at Rundu Town Council. Rundu in the Kavango Region of Namibia is the twinning town of the Dutch municipality of Nieuwegein where Dirk worked as environmental advisor before.


In 2011 Dirk founded Young Africa Namibia. Namibia has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Africa and at the same time suffers from a major skills deficit. Access to vocational training is still very limited, especially for the academically and/or financially challenged.

With Dirk's environmental background, the Namibian skills centre introduces energy neutral and green building techniques. In 2014 he started the first training course in Installation and Maintenance of Solar Panels.

In 2016 he joined the maxx-solar Train of Trainer Programme to prepare for expanding the maxx-solar academy to Namibia.